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Static Control

Conceptmart – Electrostatics provides systems to control and reduce static electricity and remove all the contamination related to static electricity. The static control solution includes Static Meters, Anti Static Neutralizing bars and Ionization Blowers, Static Generating systems, Static Eliminators, Grounding Static Charges, Web cleaners and Contamination.We provide solution for Dust Control devices to control and reduce Static Electricity and electrostatic related problems.
Conceptmart – OPM Enterprises in tie up Electrostatic Inc USA & other worldwide concept providers is dedicated to providing each industry with a complete system of static eliminators and cleaning systems for the control of these problems.

Some of the Industry served are

Paper & Film Converting
Medical Device Manufacturing
Injection Molding
Fiber optics
Digital Printing
Pharmaceutical Packaging
Rubber Making & Converting
Paper Making & Converting
Wood Finishing

The benefits provided by our static eliminator products are the cost effectiveness.  We are working with most static eliminator and electrostatic products that are proven to control the industry static related problems. They range of products include Static Locator & Meter,  Antistatic – Static Neutralizing Bars, High Pressure Ionizing Air Nozzles, Low Pressure Ionizing Blowers, Ionizing Air Guns, etc.

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April 12, 2018