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Birds & pigeon solution

Bird solutions technique to control the birds in warehouse, Factories &  industries is using various methods. The effective Ultrasound and Sonic method is mostly advisable for Pigeon Solution. Ultrasonic Bird solution technique is modulation and integration of two effective sounds to produce highly effective solution for birds problem in the industries and warehouses. Therefore bird control device is a threatening concept, creating a non comfort zone and asking the birds to shift somewhere else. The warehouse pigeon control solution is provided by conceptmart. The latest ULSO technology is the most effective for Industrial pigeon problem.

The sonic pigeon control system keeps the birds away

The Sonic Bird repellent device for pigeon problem uses a natural predatory principle to scare unwanted birds away from your warehouse, factory, farm, orchard, garden, yard or any other properties. Because the built-in PIR sensor with the bird repellent sensor detects movements therefore the powerful loudspeaker broadcasts predatory calls of the hawk, falcon, eagle, and owl species to threaten the small bird. Besides that, the user may choose to use the auto function where a 5-30 minutes time interval may be set for the Sonic repellent to operate automatically.

Birds – pigeon problem in the Factory and warehouse

The Effective Ultrasonic Device is used to Boost the Power of the Integrated Bird Repellent System. Most importantly it spread ultrasonic sound waves which cannot be heard by humans but give the frightening scream of death to the Birds and make them run out. It is an eco-friendly solution for birds problem in the Industry.

For factory, warehouse & agriculture bird solutions, bird reflectors are used for getting better results. The reflectors – deterrents are used at the open space at the doors from where the birds enter in the warehouse.

Bird control and pigeon control solutions with latest, unique features. Manufacturer, Suppliers & Exporters of Sonic – Ultrasonic Bird repellents.


For experts recommendation to remove, control birds in your industry, warehouse, go down, property or building. Kindly fill the Bird solution form along with complete details like area, type of birds etc. We shall send out Free recommendation for bird & pigeon solution.

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