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Personality talks..The way ahead…

Personality Talks

In our one of a kind series, we decode the personality of various fascinating people. This time around, we feature Tamanna C. The young and dynamic natural healer comes with 12 years of experience in Psychic Healing, counseling and guidance. She has demonstrated success and delivered exceptional results. Take a leaf out of her page and get inspired…-Prajna Rao

Firstly, could tell us a little bit about your book ‘The Way Ahead’ and your tryst with spirituality?

I have personally been into spirituality since the age of 9 and professionally took it up when I was 24. I strongly believe spirituality is more like a way of being, rather than a way of living. A lot of people do a lot of pooja and meditation but are they really spiritual? Maybe not.

My book is a compilation of the universal truth with short snippets and quotes. It is soul food for the day, teaching you the basic karmic lessons that you need to learn,making it a very practical and simple way of being. It is about how you need to be in order to attain that peace and level of spirituality.

What is the misconception you would like to bust about spirituality?

People seem to mix spirituality with religion. Religion is more like guidance for us to practice and to be. Spirituality is all about putting that into a practical sense, the way of being. A major misconception is that you should do something and be in a particular manner to be spiritual.

How would you put your personality into words?

Honestly, I am a very simple person and have many areas of grey shades in my life. I make a conscious effort toattract people, relationships or work that is meant karmically in my life. I also travel a lot, love to cook and write. I have a strong set of friends and make it a point to bring a balance between social life and personal. I make sure I remove time in everyday life and do not neglect my marriage, home or personal life which I have developed over a period of time.

What personality does one require to be in the field that you are in?

You need to be balanced as well as priorities and focus. I can have the worst experience but if I need to be in my spiritual side, I must leave aside my experiences and have a non-biased attitude towards the people I am leading. It is important to be very focused.

4-5 people come to me daily for guidance and I am responsible for them. If I am not focused even for a minute, there is a disturbance in the guidance which in turn affects their life in some way or the other.

Thirdly, it is important to be nonjudgmental. People come to me where they are constantly shedding their true self. If someone is doing a non-ethical thing, then I have to give them the right guidance without being judgmental.

You also have to be sensitive and compassionate without getting attached to them. Another thing is as the world is becoming small, it is very important to maintain the ethics of being confidential in the work that you do and what people confide in you.

 Was there any struggle coming out with the book?

It wasn’t a smooth sailing process to find a publication. I am very young to do the kind of work that I am doing but do not like to talk about my media and Bollywood friends.  I did not want to climb that ladder. To be honest, I am blessed. I finished my book in April, got a publisher in September and released the book in December.

With the book, it was very simple in terms of the delegation. I was crystal clear with what I wanted.

What is your daily mantra to beat stress and achieve what you want to?

The best thing to do is live in the moment where, if something has happened two hours agoor if I have had a rough day, I leave my energies behind. I do not take negativity to work and do not let one area in my life to affect another one. I snap out of things easily as it becomes easier with life. If a negative situation takes place, I cut chords with it, do not think about it.

What advice would you give our readers in terms of personality and making a mark in the world?

You have to be very grounded. In today’s day and age, pace, expectations as well as pressures from your life, people get carried away with their identities and lose their authenticity. The minute you ground yourself, you will be able to focus and concentrate better on what you are meant to be doing rather than letting the energies affect you.

The biggest block between you and your dreams is a lot of fears. The best thing is to question yourself whenever you are encountered with fear, ask yourself the question, ‘What is the worst thing that can happen?’ A lot of people give up, do not even follow their dreams with the fear of failure, fear of something that has not even happened.

Till the time you are not able to overcome your fears, you will not be able to help people to overcome their fears.

The Angel Therapist, Psychic Healer & Spiritual Coach seeks to spread awareness about true essentials of Spirituality and help people find their own immense strength and power to decode their pain, suffering and heal themselves. She is out with her book, “The Way Ahead”, a compilation of Universal truth through her eyes. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

September 9, 2019