Lizard & Pest Repellent

Lizard & Pest Repellent

Ultrasonic Lizard Repellent

Electronic Pest repeller device for home, office and Interior applications .Ultrasonic lizard and pest repellent is device is effective for repelling pest lizard and ants. The ultrasonic vibration helps in repelling lizard effectively

Effective for Lizard, ant and other pest

Coverage area : 200 to 500 Sq Ft
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Power Supply : 220 V

Working principal of ultrasonic lizard repellent for Lizard & Pest

The ultrasound used in ultrasonic lizard repellent is quite effective in repelling pest like lizard. Ultrasound frequency of above 20 KHz is not audible by human. The high frequency sound emitted by device helps to reduce pest in your office or home.  Besides that the ultrasound is fully safe and easy to use. The lizard repeller device is having variable frequency from 20 KHz to 65 KHz to repel lizards and pest. Because the effectiveness ultrasonic frequency of all the pests are different.

Ultrasonic lizard repellent is fully safe to use. Because we do not use any chemical or any air polluting elements. The electronic lizard repeller device  generates a threatening and irritating sound. This sound is a non comfort zone for lizard and pest. They do not like it.

Suggestion for Ultrasonic Lizard repellent
  • Use the pest repeller device in one room only. Because ultrasound can not cross the walls.
  • Keep the device around 2  to  4 feet above ground level.
  • Keep the device ON during night time. Because pest are more active during night.
  • Try to keep the device in center place. Because it will gibe more effectiveness.