Anti Static Bar

Anti Static Bar

Anti Static bars

Electrostatic bars also known as, static eliminators or anti static bars, are a very cost effective way to remove static electricity on a web of material in a plastics, paper, glass, textile, and or film converting applications. All of these static bars are bi-polar ionization generators (produce with both positive and negative ionization) to remove static electricity.

A clean static bar is more effective and material with no static is cleaner.

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Model 1100 High Output Static Bar with
PN 91002- 0XXX6

High output ( also known as hot) static bars are
a reliable, efficient and cost effective choice for
a static bar.

1" x 1" x 5"
25 mm x 25 mm x effective length + 127 mm

Model 11 High Output Static Bar
(same as above without Ion-Lite™ technology) most popular static bar

1" x 1" x 3"
25 mm x 25 mm x effective length + 76mm

Model 21 Shockless Static Bar

Shockless static bars are usually smaller that their high output counter parts. They also have the advantage of being "shockless". This is a very good choice if the operator has to work in close proximity to the static bar and for applications needing the small profile of the Model 21.

0.625" x 0.75" x effective length +3"
16 mm x 20 mm x effective length + 76 mm


 Anti static bar with optional features – air boost  

  • Air boost to increase effective range
  • Double bar to increase ionization output for a given length of bar
  • Custom cable lengths
Anti static bars with air boost

Anti static bars come in four basic models with a variety of options, such as air boost, can solve all static electricity related problems. Besides that we offers the broadest and most cost effective line of static neutralizing bars equipment to control electrostatic charges. Most importantly it increases efficiency and productivity. Besides that air boost option increases ionization range and assists in contamination control.