Multipurpose Repeller

Multipurpose Repeller

Versatile Bird & Animal repeller

Newest Versatile repellent is designed to repell outdoor pigeons, crow, bats, rat or squirrel. It works for day and night with high frequency ultrasound. It is effective for Pigeons, Bats, Cats, Dogs, Squirrel,  Rats & other unwanted animals.

Can cover 1000 Sq Ft Area

  • Description

Power Supply: 220V AC

  • 24 Hrs day & night protection
  • No harm to animals
  • No Maintenance
  • Weather resistant
  • Environmentally friendly, without any chemical
  • Easy application & use

Versatile repellent keeps animal and birds away without harming them

The newest Ultrasonic Versatile repellent is designed to repellel out door animals like squirrel, cats, bats along with birds like pigeons. This is a very compact unit  that emits multiple ultrasonic waves from two different speakers sound system simultaneously. Multipurpose repeller deters unwanted animal and birds away from your office and garden area. It is for indoor as well as outdoor properties.

The newest technology with two different speaker & without any sound audible to human is very effective. It keeps pest away from your outdoor location as well as you van use it for indoor application.  And the multipurpose repellent emits 100% automatic changing intensive frequency from 20KHz to 65 KHz.  Because the animal and birds feel uncomfortable because of the non comfort zone developed by the device, the animal wants to leave the place and go somewhere else in comfort zone.

How to use Multipurpose Repeller

  • Mount unit at 10 to 15 Ft from the ground.
  • After connecting the adapter the LED indicator will go on.
  • You can install the multipurpose repeller for indoor use also.