Animal Away Super

Animal Away Super

Ultrasonic Animal repellent for balcony and small area

Ultrasonic animal away device with flashing strobe to repel  Dogs, Cats & Animals from your office & home. The device is an advanced device with flashing strobe to detect and keep stray or unwelcome animal pests from entering your property during day and night. Animal-Away Plus generates ultrasonic sound with flash strobes to keep unwelcome animals away.

Application Area: garden, lawn, and yard home, bungalow etc

Animal Affected: Dog, Cats, Squirrels, Rabbits, Rodents, etc.

  • Description

Dimensions: 110 x 100 x 95 m/m
Weight : 255 grams
Power supply : 9V (2 x 9V alkaline battery)
Protection coverage: up to 85 square meters

  • Effective and safe ultrasonic and sonic sound with LED flashing strobe & PIR sensor.
  • Built in test button to check working of device.
  • The device is water proof and completely maintenance free.
  • It is very easy to operate the animal repellent device.

Exporter and supplier of Animal away device.

Manufacturer and supplier of Animal away - repellent device worldwide.

 Animal repellent keeps your balcony free from animals.

Animal repellent is the device for your balcony and small gardens. The electronic device animal away is using PIR technology to detect the movement of animals. Once it detects movement it starts emitting ultrasonic ways along with light. This is a kind of threatening signal for unwanted animal. The device can work both on Battery as well as on power supply.

Animal away with LED flashing strobe technology

Also there is LED flashing strobe of animal repellent that creates threatening image for the animals. Besides the threatening light combined with ultrasound creates a high non comfort zone for the animals.  Animal feels uncomfortable in that area and try to leave the place as soon as possible. The device emits frequency from 17 KHz to 24 KHz.