Static Meter

Static Meter

Static meter for anti static solutions

The unit measures static electricity and are an excellent tool to trouble shoot a suspected problem related to static electricity and to test the performance of ionizers. You can measure static electricity and troubling shooting a static related problem easily with a Model 9000 static meter . Identify and quantify electrostatic with static meter

It sometimes is helpful to identify and quantify the electrostatic or static electricity charge. The Model 9000 Locator is the perfect tool for this purpose. After choosing the proper static eliminator products, Static Locater is an ideal tool for determining its effectiveness and when maintenance is required.

Made in USA

  • Description
  • Easy to use
  • +/- 10% Accuracy
  • 20 KV at 1 inch with polarity automatically selected.
    Can measure higher values be increasing distance to target.
  • Size 11 X 6 X 2.5 cm ( 4.25 X 2.5 x 1 inches)
  • Weight 150 gm (5 oz)

Electrostatics Inc is manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Static meter worldwide

Static locator for industries

With the electrostatics – anti static technology and the application engineering experience to help customers manage the problems caused by static electricity and to remove the related contamination.  We help in  providing each industry with a system of static eliminators and cleaning systems for the control of these problems. Static meter helps to deal with this problem in process. Static electricity manifests itself in many ways i.e. Material stick together, fly apart, attract contamination and generally misbehave. When static electricity is present, process equipment in the industry will not perform in the way the manufacturer has designed.

Static Locator – Static charge measuring device

Static problem will lower speeds of the process. Because a heavy waste can be observed with the increase in downtime. The anti static blower clear jam-ups or clean particulate from printing cylinder. The attraction of contamination to plastic and other nonconductors requires added time for cleaning .  Because all of the static related problems add to the product manufacturing. This is the static charge measuring device to improve productivity and quality control for your production.

Static locator can help you save time and money by removing static electricity for your process.