Pest Repeller Ultra

Pest Repeller Ultra

Ultra Pest repeller for office

The ultrasonic pest + rodent repellent for your office. It is a very effective device for your commercial kitchen, offices, agriculture unit and restaurants. The combo repellent device comes with two units Power Unit and Pest repeller.  It is an advanced electronic instrument. You are safe with chemical free device with the modulated frequency.

Pest Affected: Cockroach, Bed Bugs, Lizard, Rat & Rodents etc.

Coverage Area : 300 to 1000 Sq Ft

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Power Supply: 220V / 50 Hz AC

Frequency:  20 to 65 KHz randomly variable

Rat - Pest Repellent Power up to 70 KHz

Power Consumption : 3 Watts + 8 Watts ( Two Units )

Pest repeller

The Integrated  Rodent + pest repeller ultra device comes with two units. One is the Pest repellent another is Rodent repellent Power device.  Ultrasonic Pest Repellent protects you from  cockroach, Bed Bugs, Lizard, Rat, Rodents and other pests. It sets you free from pest with powerful ultrasounds. The combo device diffuses ultrasounds at a wide range that cannot be audible to humans. The working frequency varies automatically from 20 to 70 KHz. It helps to avoid an addicting phenomenon and disturbing pests of different species.

Lizard, Bed Bugs & Cockroach Repellent

The combo device is lizard, bed-bugs as well as Cockroach repellent. We can observe the  effectiveness with the powerful sound generated by the two devices. Human will not listen to the sound. Therefore the office ULTRA repellent is fully safe and easy to install.

Now you can keep your offices, bakery, food units, kitchen or Restaurants Pest free and fully safe.