Monkey Repeller

Monkey Repeller

Remove monkey away from warehouse or orchid 

Electronic Monkey repellenr device comes with threatening sonic and ultrasound. The electronic instrument that protects you from monkey at  your office, warehouse, factory  and outdoor use. The Ultrasonic monkey repellent sets you free from monkeys with imperceptible sound wave with sonic impact from 12 to 65 KHz.

Area Coverage: 2000 to 5000 Sq Ft

Application Area: Monkey repellent can be used in Industries, Factory, Canteen, Warehouse, Bungalow, Farmhouse etc


  • Description

Power Supply : 220V AC / 9V DC adapter

Frequency : 2000 to 70000 Hz

Power : 8 Watts

MOC: Metal Body

Features of Monkey repellent
  • Strong variable frequency with powerful ultrasound.
  • The device is Fully Automatic with different Selection Mode.
  • New Smooth and Disaster selection mode is available for high efficiency.
  • Metallic Body for industrial and out door applications.
  • Fully safe and easy to use.
  • Testing Mode to see the working.

Manufacturer and supplier of latest technology ultrasonic monkey repeller with modulated random frequency.

Repeller with sonic impact.

Try to imagine a person sitting in a room with a very high noise. Initially the person will resists, but with the passing of time he will not be able to stand it and will suffer terrible headaches, making him unable to concentrate on his work; so, if he could, he would leave the room. In the same way the ultrasonic monkey repellent device creates a non comfort zone for monkey control. In the other word it is warning for monkey, Please do not come here. This is the natural way how monkey are asked to leave the place with monkey repellent devices.

Monkey repellent device with modulated variable frequency

The monkey repellent device is using variable frequency technology for monkey control. The hearing capacity of monkey is similar or close to human. Therefore a mixed sonic to ultrasound creating technology is required to repel the monkey as designed by the monkey repellent manufacturer.

The normal to drastic mode for best result

The normal mode is on to create disturbing zone for monkeys. And you are not getting any disturbance. The latest technology drastic sound produced is just like a alarm to monkey. Do not come here ! We are keeping a watch on you. Monkeys are very smart animals. Once they get signal of warning they avoid coming in that area. And thats what we want. Without disturbing and harming monkey we are just sending them message. These mode also help in avoiding immunity factors.

Electronic monkey deterrent with latest technology

The ultrasonic monkey repellent device for monkeys covers the border frequency of 12000 Hz to 65000 Hz as modulated sound. Because the listening frequency of monkey is quite close to human.  Also we can observe that the sonic sound like clapping sound or monkey repelling gun shot can have instant result to repel monkey. By ultrasound we are creating the non comfort zone for monkeys.  An added sonic effect with the ultrasound gives much better and faster result.

The ultrasonic monkey repeller device is very easy and safe to use. You have to simply plug in the monkey deterrent device and set the frequency nob. Now the action starts with ultrasound. The ultrasonic device starts emitting ultrasound with sonic effect from 12Khz to 65 KHz frequency and repels the monkey out.