Mosquito Repeller

Mosquito Repeller

Ultrasonic mosquito repellent keeps mosquito away

Eco friendly Mosquito repellent device for your office, home & interior needs. Mosquito repeller is an advanced electronic instrument that protects you without being noticed and leaving the air that you breath free from any odour. 

Fly repellent

The ultrasonic repellent is also a fly repellent. Plug in the device and you can get the mosquito and fly free atmosphere.

Area Coverage: 300 Sq Ft

Product From Italy

  • Description
Power Supply: 220V / 50 Hz AC

Frequency: 22 to 28 KHz randomly variable

Made in:  Italy

Power Consumption : 3 Watts

Exporter and supplier of Ultrasonic mosquito repeller device.

Mosquito free room

Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellent or anti mosquito is an advanced electronic instrument. The device protects you without being noticed. Friend leave the air that you breath free from any odour. It sets you free from mosquitoes with imperceptible ultrasounds. Besides that the powerful device diffuses ultrasounds at a wide range that cannot be audible for humans. The working frequency varies automatically from 22 to 28 KHz. It helps to avoid an addicting phenomenon and disturbing mosquitoes of different species.

 Mosquito repellent and fly repellent is a great friend of children

With a very fast wave sequence ultrasonic device diffuses ultrasound waves of different frequencies. In order to cover the whole sensitivity arc of mosquitoes. Ultrasonic Friend – anti mosquitoes device is a greater friend for children. Because it diffuses a relaxing and reassuring green night-light. If you keep electronic mosquitoes repeller on day and night, it protects your children against mosquitoes and it calms them down while they are asleep. This device is also a fly repellent.

The ultrasonic repellent device can be used for bed room, living room, offices and interior applications. The biggest advantage of this device is that we can keep the mosquito repellent 24×7 on. Most importantly you are free from chemical and any air pollution.

Usage suggestions for Ultrasonic Mosquito repellent
  • Turn the device before the night, to act preliminary and to avoid mosquitoes entering the room. It is advisable to switch on the device at least 1 hour beforehand.
  • In wider rooms , it is preferable to use two or more electronic mosquitoes repeller device simultaneously.
  •  Always use the plugs that are at higher level. Keep the device at window level or higher position for better results.