Dog Repellent Power

Dog Repellent Power

Ultrasonic dog Repellent with high frequency

Ultrasonic dog deterrent comes with variable ultrasonic waves. It is an advanced electronic instrument that protects you from unwanted street Dogs at  your office, warehouse or factory without being noticed .The Ultrasonic repellent sets you free from dogs  with imperceptible ultrasounds.

Effective for Dogs

Area Coverage: 2000 to 5000 Sq Ft

Dog repellent can be used in  Industries, Corporate, Factory, Canteen, Warehouse etc

  • Description
Ultrasonic Dog repellent Specification

Power Supply 230V AC

Output : 5 Watts

MOC : Metal

Coverage area: The dog repellent device can cover 3000 to 5000 Sq Ft Area

Product Dimension

1.95 x 16 x 10 cm

Weight 1050 grams

Frequency from 12000  to 70000 Hz

Features of Dog Repellent device
  • Randomly variable frequency for excellent result
  • Fully Automatic and Selection Mode for frequency
  • Smooth and Disaster switch for powerful ultrasound.
  • Metallic Body for outdoor and Industrial application
  • Testing Mode to see the working of device

New Ultrasonic Dog deterrent with high random variable frequency.

Eco Friendly dog deterrent with high frequency sound waves.

Ultrasonic  Dog repellent – Power is an advanced electronic device. There is period and frequency selection knobs.   It protects you from dogs without being noticed. Ultrasound is the sound above 20 K Hz that we can not listen.  Therefore the device emits ultrasound of 20 to 70 KHz frequency which is not audible to human.

Ultrasonic dog repeller device is creating a non comfort zone for the animal without harming them. There are two methods of repelling dogs from your office or factory. The first is the hard sonic sound. Because sonic sound is audible, it will disturb employees and workers. Human can not listen ultrasound. Besides that dogs have the ability to listen the Ultrasonic waves.  Therefore in short ultrasound tells the dog to leave the place. And there is no harm to any animal or dogs with dog deterrent waves.

Ultrasonic dog deterrent device technology and research

As per scientific research dogs can listen wide range of ultrasound. This is the advantage we took to develop ultrasonic dog repeller. And this ultrasound device can be easily put in the open area. Besides that ultrasonic dog repellent device is the eco-friendly solution. Because a continuous ultrasound is disturbing the dogs without any harm. This Dog deterrent devices are having application in factories, manufacturing units, public garden, canteen area where mostly we see the street dogs.

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