Bird Repellent Combo

Bird Repellent Combo

Sonic with Ultrasonic bird control – combo repeller

Factory bird control device with latest technology

The OPM bird repeller device comes with combine effect of Sonic and Ultrasound.  The latest technology for birds deterrent developed by research gives the full effect to the device. It creates non comfort environment for birds with both SONIC ULTRASONIC technology. 

Birds Affected are Sparrows, blackbirds, pigeons, crows, starlings, other pest birds.

Area Coverage :  3000 Sq Ft to 5000 Sq Ft

  • Description
Ultrasonic Bird Repellent Device

Power Supply : 220 V AC / with 9V Adapter

Metallic Body

Frequency : 20 to 65 KHz

Frequenty selection Knob

Mode: Drastic & Smooth

Sonic Bird deterrent Device

220V AC / with 9V Adapter

MOC: Metal + Hi grade Plastic

Volume Control

Timer Selection

Mode: PIR & Auto

  • New random variable frequency technology so that the birds will not become immune of the sonic with ultrasonic waves
  • Newly developed Sonic + Ultrasound - ULSO technology for highly effective results to repel birds
  • Automatic frequency control with sonic effect is highest efficiency for Industry Pigeon Problem.
  • Different Selection Mode is available so that the sound waves is able to confuse birds to drive them out.
  • Smooth and Disaster high frequency selection mode is available for faster pigeon repellent technique.
  • Metallic Body for Industrial, factory and ware house applications.
  • Testing Mode is given to ensure that the device is working smoothly.

Manufacturer & supplier of environmentally friendly  Sonic + Ultrasonic Birds deterrent devices for Industries.

 How do bird repeller work? Bird control products for factory and warehouse.

Working principle of Sonic birds repellent device – Industrial bird control

The Sonic Bird repellent device uses a natural predatory principle. Because Pigeon repeller scares unwanted birds and pigeons away from your warehouse, factory and agriculture land. The built-in sensor can detect the movements of the Birds. Because there is  powerful loudspeaker broadcasts  sonic sound or predatory calls of the hawk, falcon, eagle, and owl species, that sound  threaten the small bird.  It is a fully automatic bird control device to solve pigeon problems in industries. Sonic Bird control with ULSO technology is most effective technique for Industrial Bird problem.

The new Industrial Bird deterrent device for Birds and Pigeon control

The Effective Bird repeller Sonic with Ultrasonic Device is used to Boost the power of the Integrated Bird repellent System. Because ultrasonic repellent spread ultrasonic sound waves . The ultrasound is inaudible to humans. And it give the frightening scream to the Birds and make them go out. The ultrasonic bird control is creating a non comfort zone for the birds.  So the birds do not like to come and sit again at the roof or wall.

Bird repellent combo repels birds with modulated Sonic with Ultrasonic. The pigeon repellent combo model with 2-speakers system emits sound. Both audible and inaudible sound to humans creates a powerful attacking sound so that birds are confused. Industrial Ultrasonic Bird deterrent devices help keeping birds away in the industries.

Bird repeller
Bird Control device – Bird repellent Combo
The most effective, latest technology Sonic Pigeon deterrent with ULSO technology

As per our research a combination of ultrasonic and sonic bird solutions is more effective for Industrial birds and pigeon control. As bird repellent system combo model creates a focused strong non comfort zone for birds like pigeons.  Also sonic sound and ultrasonic bird repeller system is strong enough to avoid the immunity factor of sound.  Immunity gets developing among the birds if they are habitual for a particular sound. Also the pigeon deterrent device will generate sonic sound during the day time only with the help of Photo cell attached in the device. During night only the non audible Ultrasound system is ON . Because Bird control Products manufacturer ensure to creates threatening non comfort zone for the unwanted birds. We can see the good result for pigeon problem that is mostly required in factory, manufacturing unit. industries & warehouses.