Balcony Bird Repeller

Balcony Bird Repeller

Bird repeller for your balcony, garden & terrace

Bird deterrent device with sonic, ultrasonic & flashing strobe technique for small area. It works on movement detection technique. The ultrasonic Balcony Bird repeller device is used to repel birds like pigeons, Sparrow, crow and small birds. It emits frequency from 17 KHz to 24 KHz with light flashing strobe.

Coverage Area: Can cover 300 to 500 Sq Ft area

Applications: Balcony, Garden, Yard, Window area, Bungalow etc

  • Description

Power Supply : 220 V AC /  Battery 9V


  • PIR Sensor to detect the movement of birds.
  • Test Button to check working of device.
  • Waterproof and maintenance free.
  • It can be used for outdoor applications.
  • LED Flashing that threaten birds.

Manufacturer and supplier of Bird control device worldwide

Bird away with light strobe to threaten birds

Ultrasonic Balcony Bird repeller uses movement detection technique to repel unwanted birds our from your balcony, window, home or garden. A compact electronic bird away device for your flat, garden and balcony. It is safe and easy to use and waterproof so that you can easily keep it outdoor.

Balcony bird repeller device with flashing strobe

The ultrasonic frequency from 20 K Hz to 24 K Hz, generated by the bird away device creates a non comfort zone for birds like pigeon, crow and sparrow. Also there is LED flashing strobe that creates threatening image for the birds.  A combination of three effect is quite strong. The good point is that there is no harm to birds also.

Easy to mount and safe to use

You can easily mount the Bird repellent balcony device on walls, trees or posts. Besides that there is option of selecting Sonic sound. The Bird away device is working on PIR technology. The moment detection is there and the device is set on creating threatening sound. The birds find it difficult to sit in this area and do not come over a period of time. This device can also work on battery so that you can keep it at any part of office to ensure excellent result.

Architect Choice for Interior application

Balcony bird away device is the choice of Architects for repelling birds in your flat or bungalow .  The advantage of the Bird away device is that it operate only when any bird try to come and sit at your place. It is a powerful alarm asking the bird to leave the place. This product is mainly used for interior application with PIR mode. With the PIR mode we can sense the moment of pigeon crow are sparrow and create the alarm.