Anti Static Gun

Anti Static Gun

Anti static Gun

Anti static and ionization gun for Factory & processing units .  190 HP Ionization anti static air gun is highest volume ionization gun on the market. The 10 to 1 boost from the venturi also makes The 190 HP a very energy efficient static control blow off gun. The 190 HP is an excellent ionization blow off gun for applications where there is a large coverage area such as fiberglass panels; drying of circuit boards, cooling requirements.

Made in USA

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Air flow requirements with 0.25 fittings @ 20 PSI 3 CFM; @ 50 PSI 4.5 CFM; @100 PSI 6 CFM

Anti Static Gun – Electrostatic discharging

Standard AC power supply. It is available in 120 V or 220 V primary and 4 KV output. Besides that one standard power supply can power two anti static air guns and ionization gun.

Static bars, anti static guns

All powered static bars, anti static guns and nozzles require the “T Series” Unit (to the left). These rugged power units automatically provide optimum performance never requiring adjustments. Most importantly two (2) bars, nozzles or guns can operate from one power unit. Where sensitive electronic components require the use of guns or nozzles, we recommend the “B” Series – Balanceable Power Units for used. With this unit, equal ion (5 v +/-) is assured. The “B” series power supply can power one gun.