Bird Reflector

Bird Reflector

Wind to reflect light for repelling birds  

The spinning and flashing actions by the wind reflector are very irritating to birds and during daylight hours is an effective deterrent for most bird species like pigeons, crow, sparrow etc..
For best results, you can utilize additional control methods. This unit is highly recommend for buildings, docks and agricultural and open area applications. Almost all kind of birds can be repelled with method.

Coverage Up to 50′

Birds affected: Pigeons, Sparrow, Crow and other birds

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Bird  Deterrent :  Sun & Wind
Coverage Up to 50'
Dimensions 11" W x 12" H
Weight 0.5 lb ( Approx )
Power Sun & wind
Installation Attach to flat surfaces using suction cups, glue or screws. Install one unit every 50 ft. for good result.


Effective bird reflector with light reflection technology to remove birds.

When used Bird Reflector, birds quickly learn to associate the irritation caused by the Methyl Anthranilate from the Hazers with visual signals received from the reflectors. This is a unique training process used by this bird control when developing an Integrated Bird Control program for Industrial as well as agriculture units.

Bird Repeller Reflector unit is made from aluminum and plastic. Also it’s weatherproof construction will provide many years of service. The advantage of the reflector is that it can be screwed, suction-cupped or glued into place.  Also the flexible construction that can be angled up to 90 degrees allows the reflector to be mounted effectively anywhere for bird control.

It uses sunlight & wind to create flashing lights during daylight hours. Bird reflector is an effective method for bird scare & repelling birds. This method is very effective for integrated bird solution for open area in industry as well as agriculture lands. You can use one bird reflector for 50 to 60 feet radius.