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How to get best result with rodent deterrents

Rat repellent usage

Ultrasonic Rat repellent usage & technique

  1. Place or hang the Ultrasonic Rat, Rodent or Pest device at height between 2 to 5 feet above the ground so that the ultrasonic wave spreads out at a wide angle of 130 degree.
  2. Rat repellent system usage suggest you to place and fix the device towards or between walls.
  3. You may place  the rat repellent away from the door  so that the pests run away from your area.
  4. The rat repellent device is having randomly variable frequency conversion. So the pests will not be used to the ultrasonic sound.
  5. Rat or Mice  will go out of the warehouse or office in about 4 to 6 weeks.
  6.  Do do not put food at room or office . It will attract the pest or rats  in that place.
  7. The food is a great attraction to almost all pests.  The food processing firms, warehouses, restaurant, supermarket and kitchen should place more units of Ultrasonic repellents. The area coverage for food units is less as compared to non food areas.
  8. Rodent control device is effective for rat, rodents, mice and other pests.
  9. It should be kept in mind that ultrasonic wave can not cross walls.
  10. It is always good to change the smooth or hard mode available in the rodent control device regularly. Because this will avoid immunity factors in the rat rodent or mice.
  11. Do not keep ultrasonic device close to your ears.

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