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Only Ultrasound is not sufficient to repel Birds like pigeon

OPM Sonic and ultrasonic pigeon and bird control

Ultrasound and birds – Is Ultrasound enough for pigeon problem solution ?

Studies have shown that only ultrasound is not sufficient to repel birds. Ultrasonic Bird repellent device are not enough ? The purpose of ultrasound is to create a non comfort zone for the birds.  Therefore ultrasound gives the frightening scream  to Birds and affect their nervous system ( Without harming and without any pain to Birds ) .The non comfort zone is like warning – Please do not come here, search some other place.

A sonic sound that threatens the small birds like pigeon, sparrow and crow. Because it is an important factor to get a better result. Studies have proven that a combination of Sonic with Ultrasound in proper proportion generates excellent result for removing birds like pigeons, crow, sparrow etc.

Pigeon problem solution, Ultrasound and Birds control

To get the most efficient result only ultrasound is not sufficient. Besides that the best result can be achieved with hard and soft sound along with good retention power. The example of soft sound is voice of owl and eagle and hard sound is clapping or gun shot.

There are various methods for pigeon problem solution in industries, manufacturing unit, show room and warehouse. Among Most common and successful method is the ULSO technology.  Here we use a synchronized combination of sonic sound and ultrasound with the variable frequency with irritation and the non comfort zone formula.

April 26, 2018