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Mosquito behaviour & research with Ultrasound.

mosquito repellent

Mosquito Behaviour : Eco friendly ultrasonic repellent repels them without any chemical. 

1.Ultrasonic wide band frequency as per mosquito studies

There are more than 60 kinds of mosquitoes. Ultrasonic frequency of 25000 Hz  annoy most of
the mosquitoes.  Because the value of intermittent wide band frequency from 22,000 to 28000 Hz. And with a very fast wave sequence the Device diffuses ultrasonic waves of different 25 frequencies to cover the whole sensitivity arc of mosquitoes. At 22 KHz the stunned mosquitoes move slowly and do not bite.

2. No troubles and nothing is in the air.

The powerful device frees from mosquitoes with ultrasonic waves imperceptible to a human ear. Besides that it does not diffuse chemical substances. For this it is the ecological solution when we want defense against mosquito.

3. “with plug” – in normal conditions

It protects everywhere even with open windows.  Because it ensure that curtains do not cover the socket or large upholstered furniture. It fits all rooms with an area of about 200 to 300 Sq Ft – in normal humidity conditions of air. Because the device works as per mosquito behavior.

4. Big environments, high humidity – Mosquito Behaviour 

The most effective repellent acts and defends with amplified ultrasonic waves, always imperceptible to a human ear. Because in normal humidity conditions of air it defends big environments. One device is enough for one room of 300 Sq Ft . In environments up to 200 square Feet area it gets through the barrier of the high humidity which increases the endurance and aggressiveness of mosquitoes.

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