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Install Bird deterrent – FAQ

Ho to Install Bird deterrent combo in Factories, Industries or warehouse? Where shall we install the sonic with ultrasonic bird deterrent combo device? The device should be installed at a close place where the birds…

Bird repellent Combo by OPM
How to choose the best bird repellent ! 

Different techniques to repel birds & pigeon. Bird repellent reviews..  Bird deterrent method and reviews. What is the best bird control ?  Reflective Mirrors  Mirror reflections are used to scare the birds. Reflecting mirror is…

conceptmart mumbai exehibition
Concept Products launch in Mumbai.

Product lunch, concepts & demonstration During Launch of Latest Ultrasonic repellent. Besides that a full demonstration of concept and technology was available during the Exhibition. The range of Interior concepts, Ultrasonic Repellents, Electrostatics, Latest Engineering…

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