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Personality Talks!

Personality Talks In our one of a kind series, we decode the personality of various fascinating people. This time around, we feature Tamanna C. The young and dynamic natural healer comes with 12 years of…

Bird repellent Combo by OPM
How to choose the best bird repellent ! 

Different techniques to repel birds & pigeon. Bird repellent reviews..  Bird deterrent method and reviews. What is the best bird control ?  Reflective Mirrors  Mirror reflections are used to scare the birds. Reflecting mirror is…

Create magic with lighting

Create magic with lighting – Home design There is no denying the magical role lighting plays in transforming your home space. Exuding warmth and lending a beautiful aesthetic appeal, it lifts up the mood of…

conceptmart mumbai exehibition
Concept Products launch in Mumbai.

Product lunch, concepts & demonstration During Launch of Latest Ultrasonic repellent. Besides that a full demonstration of concept and technology was available during the Exhibition. The range of Interior concepts, Ultrasonic Repellents, Electrostatics, Latest Engineering…

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