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Conceptmart – an OPM Enterprise

Conceptmart with wordwide tie up brings worlds best product technology to ensure the economy and efficiency.The company is distinguished for its expertise, innovative technology solutions from across the world, representation of renowned principals and its decade of customer service. Its professional are committed to full Customer satisfaction.

A professional organization, OPM represents world renowned principals and is distinguished for its innovative technology solutions, expertise from across the globe, customer service & its professionals committed to Full Customer Satisfaction. We strive to enhance the efficiency of processes and thus build our image, as a world-class products and services provider to the industrial and commercial segments.

Conceptmart offers a wide spectrum of services encompassing marketing, consultancy, sales, distribution & after-sales-services for Indian Market. OPM also handles turnkey projects.

Our Products

  • Mosquito – Rat Repellent

    The Model Mosquito Rat – Ultra device by conceptmart  is for keeping your office free from Mosquito Rat.

    • Fusion of two different ultrasonic frequency.
    • Keep your place free from Mosquito & Rats.
    • Device designed for your office or Home needs
    • Effective for 1000 Sq Ft Area
    • Effective for flies and other pests as well
    • No chemical, no Harm
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  • Web Cleaner

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  • Anti static guns

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  • Table top ESD

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  • Anti Static Blowers

    It is designed for permanent production line installation where the ultimate in ionization is required.

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  • Static Generating

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  • Anti Static Bar

    Anti static bar, are a very cost effective way to remove static electricity on a web of material

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  • Static Meter

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  • Monkey Repellent – L

    The MONKEY repellent is an device that protects you from Monkey without being noticed. No harm to Monkey or any animals.

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  • Ultrasonic Bird Away

    Bird away emits a randomly variable Ultrasound from 17 kHz to 24 kHz along with light effect. This Bird repellent  is for Home, Balconey and Garden and other small application.

    • Bird Away device is environmentally safe . It does not emit any chemicals.
    • Double effect . Ultrasound as well as blinking light.
    • There is no killing and no harm to the bird.
    • The device is very easy to use . Simply plug in.
    • The power consumption is very low.
    • The device can operate on battery as well as on electricity.
    • It stops pests from producing any possible immunity.
    • There is LED indicator to ensure proper operation.
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  • Rest Cushion

    For long sitting in the office and for long drive

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  • Ultrasonic Birds Repellent -L

    The Ultrasonic Bird Repellent Large is an advanced electronic device that protects you without being noticed. It can be used at Bungalows, Warehouse, Factories, Agriculture Fields, Restaurants etc.

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